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Upholstery can often get overlooked in terms of cleaning. Fabrics come into more contact with our bodies than lets say carpets. They can quickly become dirty from perspiration, greasy deposits from hair and hand cosmetics, body compression as well as general soiling. As upholstery is one of the most expensive items you’ll purchase for your home, its important to ensure its well maintained and to ensure it looks good and feels good for longer.

Fabrics require a much more delicate approach to cleaning than carpets. Upholstery Cleaning requires different tools, equipment and products than what might be used on carpets. There are also many hidden dangers if cleaning is not undertaken properly from the padding to the suitability of the fabric for cleaning. We undertake a full survey of each suite we quote for cleaning to check for hidden problems, cleaning issues from wet cleaning. All our cleaning methods use the latest products for superior cleaning. The products and systems we use also leave no chemical residues behind. We merely leave your fabrics clean and fresh.


    • Free full pre survey carried out
    • Eco friendly products used
    • Latest upholstery tools used to reduce drying
    • Fully trained and insured


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